our proposition

To qualify to submit an application to The Cherry Tree Trust, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • You must have a registered business or show a business plan for one
  • Your business should have no more than 10 employees
  • Your business revenue/turnover should not exceed BBD $500,000 per year

our offering

The Cherry Tree Trust Term Loan

Amount: For Start Ups, up to BBD $15,000. For existing businesses (trading for at least 1 year), up to BBD $25,000

Term: Up to 5 years

Interest Rate: 5 % fixed

Security: None

Capital Repayment Holidays: None

Mentorship: A mentor will be assigned to each beneficiary granted a loan

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The Cherry Tree Trust as part of its offering and means of supporting beneficiaries will offer each beneficiary a dedicated mentor during the startup phase of their relationship with us.

Our Mentorship panel is a diverse group of business men and women who The Cherry Tree Trust Mentors will provide as a bouncing board type resource to beneficiaries free of charge. Our mentors will be about understanding what you want to achieve and lending their experience and network to your venture. This will be a unique added value benefit to our beneficiaries.