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Getting a Loan

Just follow the simple steps detailed below.

If you need support to do this or have other questions, you can call our managers at +1 (246) 230-8338

  • Complete application form - click here to download
  • Complete business plan - click here to download
  • Complete cash flow forecast - click here to download
  • Complete budget planner and statement of assets and liabilities - click here to download
  • Present 2 forms of identification:
    • a. Photo i.d. (passport)
    • b. Address i.d. (utility bill)
  • 2 personal references
  • Last 6 months financial institution statements of account into which prime income or benefits paid (last one no more than one month old)
  • For an existing business, last 6 months financial Institution statement of account (bank statements), audited accounts for completed trading years/last 3 years, tax returns to date/ last 3 years.

If your accounts are unaudited but you have financial statements that can be otherwise verified these can be submitted.

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