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Sasha Sheehy

Sasha Sheehy

Operations Manager, Strategic Planning & Communication

Sasha has traveled and worked across the Caribbean, mainly in the finance industry, for over 15 years. She started her career at JMMB where she gained a broad range of expertise in people management, operations management, implementation and customer success. She has enjoyed working with cross-functional teams across diverse markets and is committed to excellent internal and external client care.

While Sasha resided in Barbados, she was the first Executive Director at AmCham BEC alongside being one of the familiar faces associated with the charitable work of TCTT. In her recent experience she has worked in an Insurtech start-up that enables companies to digitalize workflows and key processes and she is currently part of the Transformational Delivery Team at EY, UKI.

Sasha has a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and a BSc in International Relations from the University of the West Indies. She also holds a Professional Diploma in Digital Transformation Management and a Post Graduate Certificate in Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, both from University College Dublin (UCD).

Sasha enjoys photography and traveling with her family especially to her home country, Jamaica.